The Top 5 iPhone Cases Revealed

If you’re looking for a brand new iPhone case which is stylish, yet durable and practical simply continue reading to discover 5 of the top rated iPhone cases on the market. As when it comes to protecting your iPhone, you shouldn’t take any chances!

Top 5 iPhone Cases: 5 iPhone Cases Which Are Worth Purchasing

LuMee Duo LED Lighting Case

If you use your phone to take selfies on a daily basis, it’s well worth investing in the LuMee Duo LED Lighting Case which features studio-quality front lights and backlights, which will ensure that you can take stunning selfies in any environment. This particular case also boasts an ultra-thin design and a sturdy outer shell, which protect your iPhone from any drops or scratches.

Mujo Leather Wallet Sleeve

If you find it tricky to carry your wallet and your smartphone around, you may be interested in purchasing the Mujo Leather Wallet Sleeve, which will keep your phone secure at all times and boasts plenty of room for cash as well as multiple credit card slots. This high-quality leather phone case and wallet hybrid is available in tan as well as in black leather. Better yet, a leather phone case will look just at home at business meetings as it will sitting on a cafe table, on a weekend.

Spigen Thin Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit is an ultra-slim streamlined iPhone case which comes in four glossy colors, black, silver, rose gold and gold. So you’ll be able to match your iPhone with a phone case, which is the same color. So if you’re looking for a sophisticated, classy, stylish iPhone case you can’t go wrong with the Spigen Thin Fit, which is made out of durable, high-quality materials and is built to last.

Griffin Survivor Journey

Whether you’re a fan of adventurous activities such as hiking or you’re a tad clumsy, you’ll love the Griffin Survivor Journey, which boasts a non-slip grip that will significantly decrease your chances of dropping your expensive iPhone. However, if your iPhone does slip out of your hand all is not lost as the Griffin Survivor Journey is comprised of innovative shatterproof polycarbonate materials and offers dual-layer protection, which will ensure that your iPhone remains in one piece. As an added bonus, this particular case comes in 8 eye-catching colors.

Vetti Genuine Royal Leather Snap Cover

If you’re searching for an iPhone case which boasts premium grade leather, with the functionality of a snap style cover, you’ll love the Vetti Genuine Royal Leather Snap Cover. Better yet, this particular case boasts a layer of premium grade crocodile skin leather, which has been hand stitched onto your iPhone case by an expert craftsman. If you enjoy taking selfies or photos with your iPhone you’ll also love the fact that this particular design offers a raised design around your iPhone’s lens, which will prevent your lens from becoming scratched.

So if you’re looking to purchase a brand new iPhone case for your beloved smartphone, you simply can’t go wrong opting to purchase any of the 5 iPhone cases listed above!

The Top Tech Gadgets From 2017

In the past year, a variety of technology-focused companies such as Sony, PlayStation, Google, and Amazon have released a wide array of innovative gadgets, which will change your everyday life. To make sure that you don’t get left behind, simply continue reading to discover the top tech gadgets from 2017!

The top tech gadgets from 2017:

PlayStation VR

Gaming has reached a new level of immersion, thanks to the PlayStation VR a virtual headset which boasts 360-degree images, which will help you get immersed in your favorite games. Better yet, the images you’re presented with will appear lifelike thanks to the PlayStation VR’s 5.7 inch OLED screen.

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker which was released by Google, which you can operate by using your voice to get Google Home to play your favorite tracks or playlists. Better yet, Google Home also doubles as an intelligent virtual assistant which can call your friends and family members for you or dim the lights in your lounge.

Amazon Echo

Like Google Home, Amazon Echo doubles as a smart speaker and virtual assistant. The Amazon Echo allows you to check the current temperature and switch your home’s lights on and off, without touching a single button.

Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot is an innovative stylish alarm clock which can tell you the day’s weather forecast and read you the latest news headlines. Better yet the Amazon Echo Spot also features a handy touch screen which will allow you to take photos, access shopping lists or watch video clips.

However, if you still want to use your Amazon Echo Spot as an alarm clock, you’re in luck as it comes pre-loaded with 16 different faces. Examples of which include digital faces and traditional analog faces.

GoPro Hero5 Session

If you love nothing more than spending your free time exploring the great outdoors you’ll love the GoPro Hero5 Session, which is a huge improvement on GoPro’s previous offerings. Unlike previous models, the Hero5 Session can be controlled by voice commands, which is ideal if you take part in adventurous activities such as snowboarding or mountain biking and wish to be able to film your adventures, without having to push record, pause or stop.

As an added benefit the Hero5 Session is 100% waterproof, so you’ll be able to take it snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and sailing, without running into any issues.

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum

If one of your least favorite household chores is vacuuming your house, you’ll fall in love with the iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum, which has enough battery to vacuum your house for 120 minutes. Better yet, the iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum features multiple intelligent sensors which will help your robot vacuum avoid obstacles and adjust it’s height to your flooring surfaces. So if you loathe vacuum cleaning, it’s well worth investing in your first robot cleaning assistant.

So if you’re determined not to live in the stone age, it’s well worth getting your hands on at least 2 of the innovative gadgets listed above.

The top 5 travel destinations to tick off your bucket list this year

If you’re looking for an exciting new travel destination to explore, there’s no need to throw a dart at a map with your eyes closed, simply continue reading to discover 5 destinations, which are well worth visiting this year.

The top 5 travel destinations to tick off your bucket list this year:

Costa Rica

If you’re excited about the idea of getting off the beaten tourist track, it’s well worth flying to Costa Rica which offers lush jungles and stunning white sandy beaches. If you’re a wildlife lover, make sure to visit the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, which is home to injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths. Alternatively, if you’re an adrenaline junkie you may want to a book a zip-lining tour through the canopy of a lush jungle. As you may be able to spot a capuchin monkey or a spider monkey, swinging through the surrounding trees.


No trip to Australia is complete without snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal clear water of the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef holds the title of being the world’s largest coral reef and is home to countless species of marine life. So if the sound of snorkeling alongside schools of colorful fish appeals to you, it’s well worth planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.


Russia is a severely underrated tourist destination as both Moscow and St Petersburg boast a wide variety of palaces and historic buildings, which serve as museums and can be toured by visitors. Examples of some of the palaces which are well worth visiting include the Grand Kremlin Palace and Catherine Palace. The latter of which is a bright turquoise palace, which once served as the summer palace to the Russian tsars and their families. More than 100 kgs of gold is used to decorate the facade of the Catherine Palace, one of the grandest palaces in existence.


While some of your friends may have visited Hawaii or Fiji, you’d be hard-pressed to find an acquaintance whose visited Samoa, the undiscovered jewel of the South Pacific. If you’re an adventurous soul make sure to visit the world famous, highly Instagrammed To-Sua Ocean Trench which is a teal swimming hole, which can only be accessed by climbing down a wooden ladder. It’s also worth visiting Papaseea Sliding Rocks, a series of slippery rocks which you can slide down by following the examples of the locals.


Turkey is a unique destination as it’s largest city Istanbul, is technically located in both Europe and Asia. Whilst in Turkey it’s well worth taking a dip in the Pamukkale Thermal Pools, natural silica hot pools, which will be sure to rejuvenate any aches and pains which you may have sustained.

Also make your way to the Haga Sofia, which is the most recognized building in Istanbul. The Haga Sofia is a unique religious center as it has served as both a Christian Greek Orthodox basilica and an imperial mosque. Lastly make sure to visit a traditional marketplace, in order to haggle for a souvenir or two, to take home.

So if you’re keen to explore more of the world, you may want to visit at least one of the gorgeous destinations listed above, in the coming year.

5 Tasks that keep you fit

If you’re interested in increasing your current level of fitness and burning extra calories, simply continue reading to discover 5 simple tasks to incorporate into your everyday life!

5 Tasks that keep you fit:

Climbing flights of stairs

While it may be tempting to catch an elevator, to get to your office or to your desired floor in a multi-level carpark, you can burn calories and increase your fitness level by choosing to climb the stairs instead of catching an elevator.

You may be surprised to read that you can burn between 2-5 calories for every flight of stairs which you climb. With a flight of stairs equalling 12 steps. To increase the total amount of calories burnt, aim to run up each flight of stairs.

Vacuum cleaning your home

Instead of shirking the responsibility of vacuuming cleaning your home to your partner, housemate or children, it’s well worth vacuuming your house yourself as you’ll burn around 90 calories during a 15-minute hoovering session. If you live in a two-storey house, you’ll burn additional calories from carrying your vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs.

Hand washing your car instead of paying to get it professionally washed

Instead of paying for your car to be professionally washed, you may be interested in hand washing your car as if you hand wash an average sized car, you should burn around 150 calories. As a bonus, your car will be less likely to be scratched, if your hand wash it, rather than driving your car through a drive-thru car wash. So if you like the sound of protecting your car’s paint job and increasing your current level of fitness it’s well worth washing your car, several times per month.

Washing your kitchen and bathroom floors

While getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom floors may not sound like much fun, you may be tempted to scrub your floors after learning that you can expect to burn 187 calories by spending half an hour scrubbing your floors.

For a comparison, if you were to spend half an hour walking around your neighborhood, you’d only burn around 120-150 calories. So, washing your kitchen and bathroom floors is a great task to complete on a regular basis if you’re keen on losing weight or maintaining your current weight. You’ll even strengthen your arm muscles in the process.

Painting your walls

If you’re keen on giving your house’s interior walls a new lease on life, it’s well worth investing in a few buckets of paint as the average individual will burn around 170 calories, for each half hour that they spend painting walls. Once you’ve successfully painted your walls and increased your home’s valuation in the process, you may want to consider offering your new found painting skills to your family members and friends. Who may even be open to paying you for your services.

So if you’re looking to increase your current level of fitness, it may not be necessary to spend extra time in the gym as you can easily increase your fitness and lose weight by becoming more active in your everyday life. Always take the stairs, if they’re available and don’t be afraid to redecorate and clean your house and car yourself.


How to Finance for Renovations

Regardless of the size of home renovation that you want to undertake, you will need to look for funds before the project starts. There are numerous options to finance your home renovations. The best means will majorly depend on the financial situation as well as other individual circumstances. Below are top ways on how to finance your renovations:

1. Long-term savings

If for the last few years you have been saving some money in your account, then you may be lucky enough to have some cash piled up for the whole process of renovating your house. The required materials will be purchased with ease and the labour needed won’t be an issue. Having this money in cash is also a better option since you will avoid the interest rates charged and also debts. These renovation jobs aren’t cheap and it is possible that only small projects can be undertaken with ease.

2. Look for low-interest credit cards

It is also advisable that looking for a low-interest credit card is a good option especially if you need funds for small home renovations. This can be minor changes within the home as well as other inexpensive DIY projects. These cards are said to have interest rates of 14% or less per annum with the majority of the providers giving up to 55 days interest-free. One is also required to give monthly payments in full to avoid extra charges or penalties.

3. Application of a personal loan

After adding up all the total costs and getting an estimate required for the home renovation, you can simply apply for a personal loan. After approval of your loan, you will get a lump sum through your account and start your renovation as planned. Out there, you will find different types of lenders who give different personal loans types. For the medium-sized renovation projects, find an unsecured personal loan and for the large ones, consider secured personal loans whose interest rates are slightly lower when compared to unsecured loans.

4. Taking a home equity loan

If you have very large scale home renovations, then taking a home equity loan can be a good choice. Equity is simply the difference between the bank’s valuation of your house and the amount of money you still owe on the mortgage. For instance, if you’re the bank values your home at $750,000 and your mortgage is $450,000, then your equity will be $300,000. The bank will be willing to lend you up to 80% of your home’s value.

5. Refinance your mortgage

Another great option for funding your renovation is by refinancing your mortgage. It’s a wise idea to review the current home loan after few years and look for a more competitive deal on the market. By simply doing this and with a low interest, your monthly repayments reduce and thus saving huge amounts of money that can be used in the renovation of your home.

In conclusion, these are some of the ways in which you can finance your renovations easily. Depending on the size of the renovation, the decision lies with you as to which way to use.

5 Key Traits of Successful People

There is no individual secret to success, and also there isn’t set paths which guarantee success over failure. There are some key traits that majority of the successful individuals possess in common that are known to contribute to their general abilities to succeed at the time other individuals seem to flounder. Below are 5 key traits of successful people:

1. They are risk takers

Can you be willing to bet on a particular issue that can lead to the achievement of a particular goal? If not, the chances are that you are holding back something vital. In order to become successful, you must be willing to jump and have fewer concerns on the negatives that might occur. If you have some fears and you are holding back on some issues, it is likely that you won’t reach your full potential to achieve mighty things in your life.

2. They are willing to work

Some innate qualities such as talent and intelligence play a factor towards achieving success although some studies show that determination and hard work play the most crucial role. Other studies show that dedicating time to a particular task or skill makes you an expert in doing something which yields more and more. However, if you are willing to put more efforts in any
task, then you can succeed.

3. They admit when they are wrong

Nobody is guaranteed of success, but experiencing some wrong actions along the way is normal. What differentiates people who mostly fail from the ones who succeed is simply the ability to admit humbly upon doing wrong things and learning from the mistakes. Making the proper adjustments is the best idea compared to dwelling on the mistakes and blaming yourself up.

4. They are passionate about what they do

Passion is among the top in the list since if you love what you are doing, then it becomes much easier to put more effort without even getting tired. People are grouped into two types, i.e., strivers and seekers. The strivers understand what they want to do early and start at young ages.
Most of the people are seekers meaning that they have to discover what they love and put more efforts to succeed.

5. They are willing to adapt

Getting too set and not being able to view a wider picture may be limiting success. Planning is very important especially in the success path. A plan or schedule should not be fixed but rather flexible to allow changes to happen. People who succeed are much willing to adapt to any kind of environment or changes that come along the way.

In conclusion, a person who achieves great success always tries to improve on certain aspects be it in their careers, products, services or projects. This continuous improvement generally means getting good at a certain aspect. The old saying that practice makes perfect and the repetition of a task is key are the guiding principles for success. It is also vital to focus on your strengths and not the weaknesses to prevent being unmotivated by some challenges that you face in attaining your goals.

5 Tasks that Keep your House Clean

Unless you have hired a professional cleaner to visit your home and perform all daily chores, it is likely that undertaking all these daily tasks personally is pretty challenging simply because everyone’s schedule is crazy today between kids, work, entertaining, extracurricular activities, and just living life. Although it can be nice to have a house that is constantly shining and gleaming much compared to the June Cleaver’s home, having a home that is clean enough will do. Below are 5 tasks that keep your house clean and tidy:

1. Morning Routines

Having regular morning routines work quite well, even for individuals who have limited time to spare before sending their kids off to school and then heading to work. These morning routines involve making the bed, making sure the laundry goes into the hamper, putting your pajamas away among others. Immediately after taking coffee or whatever breakfast, ensure to put all the dirty dishes in dishwashers to be washed later after dinner in the day. Ensure that every family member in the house takes care of these particular tasks as well. Taking care of these morning routines is a trait and skill that must be learned early on in life.

2. Free up the Sinks

This applies to the sinks in both the kitchen as well as the bathroom. For example, an individual may have dropped a glob of toothpaste after brushing teeth or even have found some strands of hair into the bathroom sink. It is a lot easier to for one to mop these up while they’re still moist, rather than ignoring them all day long to scrub them off later. In kitchens, rather than piling up dishes, rinsing them off quickly and stacking them in the dishwasher is a good idea. It feels nice to come home tired and find a clean kitchen sink, compared to one that is filled with nasty dishes.

3. Cleaning Chaos

Don’t ever let the word chaos fool you in any way – it simply means giving your house a quick clean up on a daily basis, even if its five minutes. Every individual in the home participates in the cleanup including children. Everyone moves around the house taking things up and then putting them in the appropriate areas, and also takes part in the general cleaning process. Sometimes every individual can focus on a single room to make the process a beat faster. These quick sessions are capable of keeping all cleaning frustrations at bay.

4. Evening kitchen clean up

The kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after a dinner. Run the dishwasher, clean the stovetop and sink, and also sweep the floor well especially under the kitchen table. It feels nice for one to wake up to a clean kitchen and prepare the breakfast rather than one with food crumbs all over.

5. De-clutter your space

Ensure that you keep few things in any room as you can. Put different items away immediately after use so that they don’t clutter up your home. A house that is not filled with clutter is much easier to keep clean on a regular basis.

How to Set Your Monthly Budget

Budget is a vital finance tool that helps people to track and understand their spending. It helps them know where their money is going and what their financial position is. This particular information is crucial for them to keep their spending under control and hence saving money for other needs, either long-term or short-term.

So, for one to reach his or her set financial goals, there is the need to first create a personal budget. Below is how to set your monthly budget to control spending:

1. Ensure that you know your monthly income

This is the very first step in making a budgeting. Whether you are a working or a self-employed individual, you need to first know your monthly income. To know your expenditure, you need to be aware of how much money you are making each month. Combine all your income sources at one place and add up. Also, include all the other income sources including your spouse’s salary if you are married, interest earned from your savings account and rents.

2. Make a list of expenses

After knowing your monthly income, ensure that you track all expenses and put them down. This can be simply done by tracking every expense you make. Divide all expenses into categories, to easily determine where you are spending the most.

3. Prioritize your spending

After tracking all the expenses, you need to prioritize them as discretionary and necessary expenses.

• Discretionary expenses: If you make any expense based on your wants rather than needs, then this type of expense is called a discretionary expense. These expenses aren’t necessary for the survival of an individual. For instance, the money you spend on eating out, vacations, cosmetics, luxury clothing, birthday gifts, etc. The discretionary expenses are majorly for recreational and entertainment purposes.

• Necessary expenses: They are generally made depending on the basic needs and requirements and are also called living expenses. For instance, money that one spends on utilities, groceries, insurance, transportation, medicines, debt payments, etc.

This particular step is crucial due to the fact that it lets one understand his or her spending behavior – regardless of whether you make the necessary expenses or the unnecessary expenses. Ensure that you reduce the unnecessary expenses to help you save some money for emergency needs.

4. Calculate surplus or deficit

Add up all expenses that are categorized under living expense and all the expenses that are categorized under discretionary expense category. Then subtract these two kinds of expenses from your monthly income.

If the amount you get is a negative value, it means that you are in deficit and if the amount is a positive value, it means that you have generated some surplus, which can be used for savings.

In conclusion, creating your own budget according to your needs and requirements is better than downloading the budgeting software. One can simply use a spreadsheet to create one. Living without an income-expenditure budget is similar to driving a car towards an unknown destination. Making a budget will assist you in attaining financial stability. So, create one today and stick to it.

How to Save Money

Money is not the easiest thing to handle in this world. A lot of people are experiencing financial problems because of different reasons. You might have been in a financial bliss before. However, because of some unexpected mishaps and the growing problems of the economy, you turned yourself over to loans. If you are having difficulties with money management, here are some useful tips to help you save:

First, you need to remember that small things cannot be left out of your budget. Some people think that small things are not significant in their financial situation and spending, therefore, they go on buying them without so much thought. However, when these small things add up, you may realize that they are quite expensive as well. These things that you think will not affect your budget so much may be the reasons why you are having difficulties with handling your money. Try to stick to your budget and have a miscellaneous part for the little things that you buy.

Second, you have to do some cost-cutting measures. One thing that can take a large part of your budget is food. Of course, food is important for people, however, this does not mean that you can always splurge on it. There are some things that you can do to avoid spending too much on food. For instance, if you are always eating out in fast food chains of restaurants, then you may try cooking home cooked meals once in a while. Restaurants offer very high prices for meals that you can make cheaply at home. Also, dishes cooked at home are healthier and can be modified to suit your taste. If you are not a great cook, then this is your time to try and be one. Who knows? It can become your hobby in the future.

Third, you have to keep track of your finances. To do this, you have to list down all your expenses and your income for a month. Learn how to sacrifice and prioritize. If you have loans that you have to pay, you should list them all down as well including their amount and their interest. Start paying off the loans little by little. Pay off those loans with the highest interest first to reduce the money being wasted. If you are used to using your credit cards, and you are prone to compulsive buying, then you may want to hide your credit card first. Credit cards are not the best buddies to have when you are saving money because they are very tempting. You might spend the money that you do not have on hand yet. After you have finished paying off your loans, the next part is to continue saving money. Having savings will help you be prepared in case any uncalled accidents may happen.

Lastly, you should learn how to live within your means. Do not buy things if you cannot really afford them. Be realistic with your budget and only buy the important things. Learn how to save some money on your monthly income as well.